When staff of the reservation in a treatment, there is the case that time to reply consuming. Please note.


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Lifeguard Bulletin

Younger customers also, of course, older customers also to cherish, welcome. We look forward to your booking without Hesitation. We hope you can contact us by e-mail something like if anxiety.

About Customer Benefits

Customers to the point giving the second and subsequent, commodity appendix, we will correspond and service up a notch. Details will be confirmed by the customer benefits page.



If you do not answer the phone in the service you will be folded, please put your message on the answering machine Our open and close hours are that we can be answering the phone or e-mail.
  In rare cases previous customer is delayed in various circumstances, there might be delayed following your start time. We contact you then. Our salon is whoever comes will be welcomes for men, women, gay, lesbian, etc. gender-blind. I hope you understand and cooporate.
・ If the mail bookings and inquiries does not well please contact in this email.
※You can also reply from the above address, please make sure you enabled reception the settings such as the domain.
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