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Q&A(Please check before making inquiries.)

Q1:How is the opening hours different from the staff's working hours?

A:Business hours are hours during which you can respond to phone calls and e-mail only. The staff's attendance time is the time zone during which the staff can actually perform the treatment in the room or business trips (the time zone that you can actually book).

Q2:How is the normal course different from the special course?

A:The normal course is just a ceremony, and the special course is a course with oil, + α (if customer's request) besides preparation.

Q3:What is an option?

A:Options are normal when you are unsatisfactory with the surgical technique (regular body) of the course, changing to a procedure that has upgraded and doing the procedure. The details of treatment are somewhat different from body preparation.

Q4: How is the contents of the 60-minute course, 90-minute course, and 120-minute course different?

A:We recommend a basic 90 minute course with oil. It is because the 90 minute course enters the basic procedure and the treatment time can feel relatively relaxed. In the short 60 minutes course the basic procedure is omitted and the treatment time will be felt early. Also, in the long 120-minute course, various procedures not in the 90-minute course are added, and I think that I feel even more satisfaction. Because the shower is not attached in the body preparation, although it is somewhat slow even in the 60-minute course, the 90-minute course, the 120-minute course seems to make a remarkable difference as to how much the manipulation and the elimination of fatigue of the stiff shoulder and waist are different .

Q5:Please tell me about your age group and customers.

A:Since the age group is an oil massage, it is composed of a wide range of ages from 20's to 70's. There is no such thing that it is composed of biased ages (from hearing). Customers vary in sex and occupation, such as singles and married people, and are not composed of limited customer groups in particular, so anyone can come with peace of mind.

Q6:Which book should I reserve by email or phone?

A:As a shop, it may be subaddress so it will be better to reserve by mail. With e-mail it is possible to leave concrete records such as time zones and courses with one time, so it is easier to respond in return. Although there is an advantage that if you can answer the phone if you can answer the phone if you can answer the phone promptly but there is a case that it becomes early if it becomes during the treatment and there are times when it becomes negligible of folding correspondence, Even though it can be treated at the time of the day, telephone correspondence will be delayed and eventually it will be missed. I'd like to let customers decide which one is better.

Q7:What do you think about soliciting staff and exchanging staff 's maid.

A:As a shop strictly prohibits staff solicitation. The staff costs a lot of money. Nonetheless, negotiating directly with the staff at self-determination of the customer himself, and doing the treatment without going through the shop is a natural passage. The act itself is not much different from embezzlement and clothes made secretly by using the staff's own company's (company) rights. The image of the shop will also be damaged, and problems will also arise in the relationship between the customer and the staff. Depending on the content, it may be necessary to take legal measures. Please do not hesitate to refrain from customers.

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