Reservation and oil massage on a delivery or the room, we will introduce to a series of manipulative.


Case of reservation by the delivery boy

1.Please contact the desired date and time and the course by telephone or e-mail.

2.After check the schedule of the staff, we will reply by telephone or e-mail.

3.The staff can come to the location the you appointed (your home, hotel, etc.).
※Depends on location, it have case that delayed by traffic congestion. We hope that you understand it.

Case of reservation by our space

1.Please contact the desired date and time and the course by telephone or e-mail.

2. After check the schdule of the staff, we will reply by telephone or e-mail.

3. After booking with the customer is established, we will tell the location of our space.
※ Here is located in a quiet residential area. Please do not take the nuisance to the neighborhood.

The process of Oil massage and manual therapeutics


1.Counseling (check stiff shoulder and scratches etc..., confirmation of the point that you hope to concentrate on treatment)

2.Choose the oil (oil massage course only)

3.Choose the incense (if you hope it only)

4.Choose the BGM (if you hope it only)

5.Choose your favorite T-shirt and pants (manual therapeutics only)

6.Take a shower to remove the dirt. body (oil only)

7.Treatment start and end

8.Take a shower to remove the oil (oil only)


10.The course end ※ If it have time to spare we can do that coversation and quick manual therapeutics etc...

Aroma oil(use for delivery boy or our space)



Sedation, and fix the balance of the autonomic nerve, improving the falling asleep, restoration of skin.

Iran Iran

Sedation of frustrating and anxiety. Sedation of nerve. Mental and physical of stability. Adjustment of sebum secretion.

Sweet Orange

  Relaxation of tension, sedation of frustrating and insomnia, activation of the digestive organ.


  Mood of the refresh, the spirit and sharpening, improve concentration, respiratory adjustment.

Insence(use for delivery boy or our salon)



It smells like soap (you will feel like to attract)


It smells like sweet tropical scent (How about use when you want to have a sweet moments?)

Santa Le Wood (sandalwood)

It smells like sublime religious (There are aphrodisiac effect such as meditation etc...)


Lifeguard Bulletin

This space is devoted to health management, especially inspection of infectious diseases such as staff (AIDS and each virus) has taken all possible measures than other salons. Please be assured.

About Customer Benefits

Customers to the point giving the second and subsequent, commodity appendix, we will correspond and service up a notch. Details will be confirmed by the customer benefits page.



If you do not answer the phone in the service you will be folded, please put your message on the answering machine Our open and close hours are that we can be answering the phone or e-mail.
  In rare cases previous customer is delayed in various circumstances, there might be delayed following your start time. We contact you then. Our salon is whoever comes will be welcomes for men, women, gay, lesbian, etc. gender-blind. I hope you understand and cooporate.
・ If the mail bookings and inquiries does not well please contact in this email.
※You can also reply from the above address, please make sure you enabled reception the settings such as the domain.
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