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We will show you how to get to the store and how to book a Delivery boy.

Our Location

・Here is spend time about 5 minutes on foot from Shinkansen Gate of Nagoya station (The exit near Bic Camera).

・Here is the quiet location and calm atmosphere away from the urban noise. Please come here, we welcome you by warmth and healing.

As it is a hideaway shop, it will be the guide for the shop after booking.


Delivery boy(Hotel, your room)

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Please fill the building which is become the address and the mark in the other comments of reservation entry screen.

We will contact you as soon as the staff arrived at your appointed place in your appointed date.

※Example: 500 yen around Nagoya Station

※There is a change depending on other time and place

※Depending on the location, it may be delayed by traffic congestion etc. Please understand that it is not bad.

Cautions about Delivery boy

※If you make a reservation in the late-night time zone, the last train will be lost, so the return trip cost will be expensive. Please be careful.

※Travel expenses vary depending on the transportation of the staff. Please pay after consultation with the staff in charge.

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