Introduction etc..

Introduce the store and the styles2 of treatment.

Introduction of lifeguard space

mens Based in Nagoya, manual therapeutics, and offers the best of the healing time and OMOTENASHI to guests in treatment, such as oil massage, it is a hideaway space to help you relax both physically and mentally. The life guard meanning to be those to protect the life, but we trust it's foster life and allowed to recover the body weary glazed in advance, also be to maintain the vitality certain body forever" and has been interpreted you. Our space two rooms and onsite response, completely private, we accept with compeletly reservation. Our space welcome men, women, gay, lesbian, etc. gender-blind. Also foreign tourists All staff hospitality in English as you'll come to peace of mind.

Introduction of massage

Lifeguard is a space of a totally different concept and relaxation space until now. The existing space of relaxation is focused only on the taking a tired body in the procedure of massage, etc... on the other hands we forcus that we aren't only heal tired of the body but also in a variety of industries in space to relax and stretch the limbs story of success that has been full-time staff and specialized industry, talk about hobbies or work, by speaking such worries, is to ease the mind, For this reason, it has been included as part of the up to stay long here and accommodations or services.

About manual therapeutics of Japan

The feature of manual therapeutics is your shoulders and waist, for the purpose of more of physical strength recovery of relaxing and in future stiffness of the body such as foot, we make full use of stretch and untie, but there may be a coherence element, we perform the unprecedented treatment such a confortable and a conscientious.

About Oil massage

The feature of oil massage is Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and Swedish oil massage, and It is original of our shop oil massage that referred to various documents. It improve the flow of lymph, that to ease the body from wholeheartedly and aims to be refreshing.

About Equipment

into room There are variety of amenities and equipment of comparable hotels such as High-quality 4K TV, Blu-ray, with key locker, electronic lock safe, mobile phone charger, toothbrush, razor, hair dryer, mouthwash, jersey, change of clothes.simple food and drink equipment etc.... in our space.

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